Exterior House Painting in Denver, CO

Complete Exterior Painting
Staining ~ Waterproofing
Deck Cleaning & Sealing
Carpentry ~ Tuck Pointing
Power Washing ~ Fences ~ Metal Coatings

Exterior coatings are an especially important aspect of living in Colorado. Yes, the sun is a wonderful part of our unique climate here in Denver, but it is also one of the mortal enemies threatening your exterior paint job. Maybe you have noticed fading colors on your current paint job, or you have fought the constant battle of protecting your deck. These are both examples of damage caused by our excessive UV rays. We will be happy to work with you to find the best coatings to suit your home.

Along with choosing the right products, preparation is equally important. Don't make the mistake of hiring someone who didn't include proper prep work. This should consist of scraping & sanding any loose paint, priming all bare surfaces, and caulking any area where moisture can penetrate. Too many contractors cut corners on this phase of the job, and the longevity of your paint job suffers. The prep work can mean the difference between a two year paint job and a ten year paint job.

Once again, trust is also important on the outside of your home. You have spent plenty of time & money getting your yard to look just right. Obviously you want someone who can respect your property enough to take the time to protect your landscaping, patios, etc. We are very conscious about leaving your property the way we found it, only with a fresh paint job!

Now you need not worry, with the exterior house painting services we make available in Denver, CO, you are sure to have a residence that will be the envy of your neighbors in the community just because of a painting job. The facade or the external appearance of your home is as important as its interiors as it is what guests and passerby see first, it sure is a reflection of your personality. What better way to make a good impression but through expertly applied paint on the exteriors of your house and with Signature Paint Works, LLC, you can never go wrong.

Turn your house from drab to fab! We use the best painting products available to us and through our experienced painting personnel; you will never have a glum day in your home because our exterior house painting services in Denver can make your home fun and more appealing for the world to see.